Top 20 Advanced GPT SEO Tactics to Boost Your Rankings in 2024

Revolutionizing Your SEO Game: Harnessing AI for Unmatched Search Engine Success

Remember the excitement when OpenAI first introduced ChatGPT? Its capabilities seemed endless, and sometimes, they even overwhelmed the servers! But now, the focus has shifted to a game-changer in the digital world: GPTs.

🚀 GPTs: Tailored for Precision
Unlike the broad applications of ChatGPT, GPTs are specialized versions designed for specific tasks – from language learning to technical support. They deliver precise, task-specific responses, far surpassing ChatGPT’s more general replies. Whether it’s meal planning, interior design, coding, or travel arrangements, GPTs cater to diverse needs with remarkable specificity.

🔍 SEO and GPTs: A Perfect Match
As a content writer, my intrigue led me to discover GPTs uniquely crafted for SEO. In this post, we dive into the top 20 advanced GPT-driven SEO tactics to elevate your rankings in 2024. Let’s explore how these innovative tools can revolutionize your SEO strategy!

20+ GPTs for SEO Mastery

Navigating the vast landscape of SEO can be daunting. To simplify, we’ve categorized these revolutionary GPT tools into six key groups: Technical SEO, Learn SEO, SEO and Content Review, Keyword Research, Content Creation, and SEO Analytics. Each group hosts a set of unique GPTs tailored to specific SEO needs. Let’s delve into each category.

  1. Technical SEO: Optimizing for Search Engines Technical SEO is crucial in aligning your website with modern search engine standards, impacting your site’s search visibility. Key areas include website speed, security, mobile responsiveness, clear redirections, fixing broken links, and structured data implementation. Custom GPTs in this category are designed to streamline these technicalities.
    • Web Performance Engineer GPT: Optimizes website performance using page speed insights, offering personalized strategies and interactive troubleshooting.
    • Schema Advisor – Amanda Jordan: Specializes in structured data implementation, generating precise schema recommendations and custom JSON-LD schemas for enhanced search engine communication.
  2. Learn SEO: Keeping Up with Evolving Trends Staying updated in SEO is vital. These GPTs provide current, actionable knowledge, helping both beginners and pros refine their SEO strategies.
    • Is it a Ranking Factor GPT: Clarifies Google’s ranking factors, addressing aspects like page speed, backlinks, content quality, and user experience.
    • Julian Goldie GPT: Focuses on backlink strategy and SEO knowledge, offering strategies for effective backlink building and SEO insights.
    • SEO GPT: Personalizes the learning experience, guiding through complex SEO concepts with practical advice and step-by-step assistance.
  3. More GPTs for Comprehensive SEO Learning Further GPTs include SEO Mentor, SEO Tutor, SEORanKing, Sherlock SEO Assistant, and The SEO Teacher. These tools offer everything from Google’s best practices to evidence-backed strategies and fundamental SEO education.

SEO and Content Review: Aligning with Standards and Expectations

SEO Analytics_ Measuring and Enhancing Online Performance
SEO Analytics_ Measuring and Enhancing Online Performance

Content and SEO review is pivotal in ensuring your website’s content meets both search engine standards and user expectations. This process, which involves scrutinizing keywords, content quality, and relevance, plays a critical role in harmonizing your pages with SEO best practices and user engagement goals. It not only boosts search rankings but also enhances user experience, thereby improving site visibility and conversion rates.

Explore these exceptional SEO GPTs designed to simplify and enhance your content review process:

  1. SEOGPT by Writesonic:
    • Focus: Comprehensive SEO Analysis.
    • Functionality: This tool excels in trending keyword identification, competitor analysis, and long-tail keyword discovery. It also offers SEO data for topic-specific content structuring and an SEO score feature for articles, complete with detailed analysis in the Sonic Editor.
  2. Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer:
    • Focus: Content Effectiveness Assessment.
    • Functionality: It assesses the usefulness and quality of your content against competitors, adhering to Google’s guidelines. Simply input your content URL for a detailed evaluation.
  3. SEO E-E-A-T Assistant:
    • Focus: Improving Content Trustworthiness.
    • Functionality: Offers advice to enhance the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your content. It provides quick SEO tips and bullet-point suggestions for E-E-A-T quality improvement.
  4. SEO GPT:
    • Focus: On-Page SEO Analysis.
    • Functionality: Conducts on-page SEO analysis for specific URLs and keywords, covering load time, metadata, keyword density, and tag use, with actionable optimization insights.
  5. ChatSEO:
    • Focus: SEO-Optimized Content Strategy and Writing.
    • Functionality: Assists in drafting and refining content strategies, provides SEO coaching, conducts keyword research, and advises on audience engagement. Additionally, it crafts original, optimized content.

Additional Tools for Comprehensive Analysis:

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These GPTs are designed to meet a range of SEO and content review needs, from enhancing content quality to aligning with Google’s E-E-A-T criteria.

Keyword Research: Uncovering What Your Audience Searches For

Crafting Material That Resonates

Keyword research is fundamental in identifying the terms and phrases your audience uses in search engines, playing a vital role in increasing visibility and organic traffic. By understanding and matching your audience’s search intent, you can tailor your content to boost search engine rankings and meet user needs.

  1. Keyword Research GPT by Writesonic:
    • Specialty: Targeted Keyword Discovery.
    • Features: Finds trending, long-tail keywords, and provides competitor insights. Simply input your topic for a comprehensive list of keywords to enhance your content’s reach.
  2. Keyword Catalyst:
    • Specialty: SEO Keyword Trends and Analysis.
    • Features: Offers deep research and trend analysis across various industries, providing tailored keyword suggestions to keep your content current and relevant.

Content Creation: Crafting Material That Resonates

Content creation is about producing engaging, relevant material that resonates with your audience. Quality content not only drives traffic and builds brand authority but also fosters loyalty and fulfills business goals by connecting genuinely with users.

  1. SEO Blog Expert:
    • Specialty: SEO-friendly Blog Content.
    • Features: Creates content for diverse blog types, offering SEO tips for various lengths and themes, from short business blogs to lengthy lifestyle pieces, complete with catchy titles.

Additional tools similar to SEO Blog Expert:

  • Magic Writer
  • ArticleGPT
  1. CuratorGPT:
    • Specialty: Trending Content Curation.
    • Features: Provides real-time updates on trending topics across categories, ensuring your content is timely and relevant.
  2. Copywriter GPT:
    • Specialty: Viral Ad Copywriting.
    • Features: Generates engaging ad copy, offers marketing strategies, and improves headlines, focusing on brand and product positioning for maximum impact.
  3. Viral Hooks Generator:
    • Specialty: Compelling Short-Form Content Hooks.
    • Features: Specializes in creating captivating hooks for short-form content, providing opening lines that grab and retain audience attention.
  4. SEO Crafter:
    • Specialty: SEO-Enriched Product Descriptions.
    • Features: Optimizes e-commerce content with SEO-focused product descriptions and titles, including keyword suggestions tailored to specific product categories.

Advanced Tools for Brand Consistency, Article Writing, and SEO Analytics

  1. StyleMaster:
    • Specialty: Maintaining Brand Tone and Voice.
    • Function: Adapts to the style and tone of a sample article, creating new content that maintains consistency in your brand’s voice across various topics. It analyzes your example’s language, ensuring seamless style integration in future content.
  2. Article Assistant:
    • Specialty: Comprehensive Article Writing and Research.
    • Function: Capable of crafting detailed articles on a wide range of topics, from tech innovations to health trends. Combines the expertise of a seasoned writer with thorough research skills, perfect for authoritative and engaging content creation.

SEO Analytics: Measuring and Enhancing Online Performance

SEO analytics involves collecting and analyzing data to gauge your website’s performance in search results. It’s essential for tracking rankings, analyzing backlinks, and understanding visitor behaviors, helping you make data-driven decisions to boost traffic and improve search presence.

  1. GSC Keyword Ranking Changes Scatter Plot:
    • Specialty: Visual SEO Performance Tracking.
    • Function: Converts Google Search Console data into scatter plots, visualizing keyword ranking changes, and providing a clear analysis of performance over time.
  2. GA4 Commander:
    • Specialty: Google Analytics 4 Expertise.
    • Function: Assists in mastering Google Analytics 4, covering everything from setup to audience segmentation and conversion tracking.

💡 Interested in Building Your Own SEO GPTs? Check out our blog on creating custom GPTs using GPT builder for insights and guidance!

Conclusion: Empowering Your SEO Journey with GPTs


Leveraging SEO GPTs provides a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing your website’s performance. These tools simplify complex SEO tasks, from technical adjustments to content creation and data analytics. To elevate your strategy, identify key areas in your SEO plan needing improvement. Experiment with these GPTs to refine your approach, expand your content’s reach, and gather insights that steer your strategy towards success.

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