WP Hide Pro nulled : Free download the plugin activated

The WP Hide Pro & Security Enhancer nulled gathered tons of community attention as being the most effective and stable code in it’s class for hiding WordPress environment and dramatically increasing security. The active install growth reached outstanding performance, something that few popular plugins achieved. On top of being a free code, it becomed a must use plugin for many developers.

WP Hide Pron ulled : what is it exactly?

Free Download WP Hide Pro plugin nulled
Free Download WP Hide Pro plugin nulled

The easy way to completely hide your WordPress core files, login page, theme and plugins paths from being show on front side. This is a huge improvement over Site Security, no one will know you actually run a WordPress. Provide a simple way to clean up html by removing all WordPress fingerprints.

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The plugin not only allow to change default urls of you WordPress, but it hide/block defaults! All other similar plugins just change the slugs, but the defaults are still accessible, obviously revealing the WordPress.

WP Hide Pro nulled : advantages and features of the plugin

Protect your WordPress site against all malware and hackers attacks.

Hide your website identity from any attack such as XSS, XSRF, SQL Injection, brute-force, etc.

  • No files and directories changes!

No files and directories are being changed on your server, everything is processed virtually! The plugin algorithm use URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters to apply all functionality and features.

  • 100% compatible with other Plugins & Themes

Well designed code to ensure full compatibility with all themes and plugins. Once plugin activated, the site will continue to work the same as before.

  • WordPress MultiSite Compatible

PRO FEATURE: Support MultiSite environment. Can be set to work per site set-up ( individual settings to each site in the network ) or globally ( superadmin settings )

  • Theme Masking

Hide all references to the theme or child theme to prevent display of theme name, version, author etc. No one will know it’s a WordPress theme.

  • Compatible with any host / server

Tested and 100% compatible with different hosting server configuration basted on Linux and Windows operating system.

  • Nginx Compatible

PRO FEATURE: Full Nginx support, LEMP stack. Advanced rewrite queries engine included, which provide the most efficient and light rewrite data.

Download WP Hide Pro nulled

The plugin files of WP Hide Pro nulled are available in archived (zip) format, you won’t need to unzip the file after downloading.

Note 1: To activate your license key, go to WP Hide Pro > Settings > License key and enter your “purchase key” in the appropriate field to access all the features of the WP Hide Pro plugin. (the activation license key is attached with the downloaded zip file and usually License key = “nulled” or “ThemesChamp”)

Note 2: If you have problems with downloading the nulled WP Hide Pro plugin, try disabling AD block for the site or try another web browser.


Finally, we hope that by following this installation guide, you have downloaded and installed the WP Hide Pro nulled plugin successfully.

To achieve the many available features the plugin use a complex code structure and logic. Even so, the free code has certain limitation, for what reason many has sent feedback for additional functionality.

The WP Hide PRO introduce the missing features to complete a suite of options to cover everything. It include additional modules and code extends to achieve the ultimate solutions for security protection.

Do you have any other questions about downloading, installing or using WP Hide Pro nulled? please leave your comments in the “Comments” section below.

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