Free Download YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium 4.0.0 Nulled [Activated]

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium Nulled Hide price and/or add to cart button and let your customers request a custom quote for every product.

YITH nulled : Theme features

Free Download Theme YITH
  • Customize the style and the colors of “Add to quote” button
  • Prevent the user from choosing a shipping method different from the one specified in the request at the checkout
  • Activate the automatic creation of the PDF document with the quote on “My Account” page
  • Leave feedback when rejecting a quote
  • Receive an email with confirmation of quote request
  • Set an expiration date to the quote proposal
  • Enable the creation of the quote from admin side
  • Override email template created by the plugin
  • Select one or more products and send the quote request through a dedicated form available on the site
  • Receive an automatic email when user accepts or rejects the proposal
  • Enable the creation and automatic sending of the quote with the amount calculated on the original prices of the products
  • Let users find the information they’ve added in the quote request on checkout page automatically
  • Show “Add to quote” button only to registered users, to users with a specific WordPress role or to all users
  • Add the product to the quote request directly from product detail page
  • Hide price on all the products of your site
  • Accept or reject administrator’s proposal
  • Choose the information to show for each product on the quote page and emailSelect the form used to send the quote request, choosing from
  • Hide “Add to cart” button on all the products of your site
  • Attach the PDF quote to the email sent to the user
  • Give users the possibility to request a quote also or only for “out of stock” products
  • “Pay now” option to pay without adding billing/shipping info
  • Send an automatic email with the quote proposal
  • Receive an email for each request sent by the user
  • Receive an email with administrator’s quote proposal
  • Enable or force user registration through the quote request form
  • Set an expiration date for the quote to expire automatically
  • Download the PDF quote from “My Account” page
  • Edit user’s shipping and/or billing address when creating the quote
  • Check all the quotes received before the registration to the site
  • Send an email to remind the customer that a quote is about to expire
  • Show the list of products selected by user in sidebar
  • Prevent the users from editing their addresses when accepting the quote
  • Insert the request form on any page of your site
  • Support to variable products: you can add specific product variations to the quote list
  • Check the list of quotes on “My Account” page
  • Show or hide “Accept” and “Reject” buttons in the quote email, in the PDF document and on “My Account” page
  • Set a specific payment method to pay for accepted quotes
  • Insert “Add to quote” button both in product detail page and on all the other archive pages where it appears
  • Hide “Add to quote” button only on some products of the shop
  • Deny the possibility to send quote requests to unlogged users
  • Enable the autocomplete feature to let returning customers find their data automatically filled in the quote request form
  • Integration with YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications
  • Show “Add to quote” button only on specific products of the shop
  • Convert cart content into quote request on checkout page

Free Download YITH

You can download the YITH nulled package under “Download the activated version of the YITH nulled theme” and save it on your computer. (see download link below)

YITH nulled theme files are available in archived (zip) format, don’t forget to unzip the file after downloading.

Note 1: To activate your license key, go to YITH menu > Settings > License key and enter your “purchase key” in the appropriate field to get access to all the features of the YITH premium theme. (the activation license key is attached with the downloaded zip file and usually License key = “nulled” or “ThemesChamp”)

Note 2: If you have problems with downloading the nullled YITH theme, try disabling AD block for the site or try another web browser.

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